River Protector Bolo Tie | Ram Bolo Tie

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The magnificent curled horns of the desert big horn ram are an icon of toughness. These animals thrive in a habitat where few mammals dare to go. Rooted in the southwest, they thrive against all odds on steep cliffs and talus slopes of the high desert where there is little to drink and less to eat. 

I designed this bolo after multiple experiences with big horn sheep on river trips in the southwest. After a while, it began to feel like they, the desert big horn sheep, are protectors of the river. So this bolo features a river protector surrounded by the beautiful southwestern desert. 

It measures 2" long x 1.5" wide. Its recommended to be worn on brown cord but would look great on any of our leather cords. It is finished with sterling silver tips. 

Personalization and adding your initials on the back is an option. Just add your initials in the notes at checkout if you would like your initials or last name complementary stamped into the backside. 

Contact us about ordering in bulk for a wedding party or wholesale for your shop.