Jewelry Care & Tutorials

Jewelry Care & Tutorials

Frontera Jewelry is designed to last for many years to come but all precious jewelry will naturally tarnish and look dull if proper care have not been taken. With a few precautions your jewelry can be as good as new for many decades. 

Wearing Your Jewelry

  • Most importantly try to avoid having your jewelry (especially those with gemstones) come in contact with chemicals from soaps, lotion, hot tubs, cleaning products, etc. Non natural chemicals can jeopardize the integrity of your gemstones, especially turquoise, opals, and variscite. 
  • They tarnish if exposed to certain minerals in soaps and lotions but can also tarnish from not being worn. So either wear your jewelry lots to keep it nice and bright or store it properly - in an airtight plastic bag or jewelry container with tarnish free cloth (which is included in all of our boxes). If it does need cleaning, our jewelry polishing cloth should help with that! 
    • If you notice any gemstones moving, please have that repaired immediately to avoid any further damage or loss of stones. 

    Storing your Jewelry

    • The best place to store your jewelry is in an airtight plastic bag or a jewelry box with tarnish free cloth (which all of our boxes are). 
    • Try to avoid having the jewelry in a humid environment. Therefore, to prevent oxidation, do not store it in the bathroom or in a humid room.
    • For bolo ties, the best way to store a bolo is by hanging it or laying it down straight on a flat surface. The genuine leather cord has "memory" and will look best if stored nicely. Once you receive your bolo, run the leather cord under water, massage the leater and straighten it. Then hang it up or wear it.

    Repairs & Warranty

    Frontera Jewelry will repair items damaged from normal wear during the first six months free of charge, unless there are signs of improper care. After six months, I am happy to do repairs on Frontera Jewelry with an additional charge. Contact me with any repair questions that you may have! 


    Lady Bolo Tutorial

    If you want to learn how to change bolo tie cord or put silver chain on our bolitas, visit our youtube channel!