Precious Metal Options

Many things come to play when designing your wedding/engagement rings. The precious metal in which your ring is constructed plays a key role in the longevity as well as overall appearance of the ring. 

Because many of our designs are mini replicas of mountain ranges, we are big fans of mixed metal jewelry. We love to mix cooler metals such as sterling silver or white gold with warm, golden alloys such as 14K gold or rose gold. But we also create with your vision in mind and if you choose one metal, we can assure you we will still make it look damn good! 

A few things to keep in mind when choosing metal are cost, lifestyle, and design.

  • COST - How much are you willing to spend on this very special piece of jewelry, a piece of jewelry that very well may be in your family for many generations? 
  • LIFESTYLE - Are you one to stay on top of jewelry upkeep (such as rhodium plating every 1-2 years) or would you prefer something that has little/no maintenance? Do you have any metal allergies? 
  • DESIGN - Do you like the tarnished/oxidized look of silver? Or do you like the clean, crisp colors of white gold? Are you looking to have a moissanite or colorful sapphire set as the center stone? 

ALL of these things are discussed in our design consultation, but I mention them here to get your gears turning. Enjoy learning about the precious metals we work with 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, an affordable option, has benefits that could be considered cons for some. The metal tarnishes and oxidizes over time. If you're one to maintain your jewelry well or if you like more antiqued metals then this is the metal for you. If not, consider white gold.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has warm, inviting hues that are classic and timeless. With the work we do, making the mountains gold on a silver or white gold back are our favorite! I can work with 10K, 14K, and 18K. I also do keumbo, which entails 24K gold.

Palladium White Gold

Palladium white gold has a sexy, steely hue that is an alloy (combination) of gold, copper, silver, and palladium (one of earths rarest metals). This metal is durable, scratch resistant, and appears to be the color of platiunum but is priced like gold.

Nickle White Gold

Nickle white gold is by far the most popular wedding ring metal of choice in the US. While it is a durable option, it is more yellow in hue, therefore people often plate it in rhodium. Replating would need to occur ever 1-2 years.

Rose Gold

Like the name implies, rose gold has a pinker hue due to its alloy having a higher copper content. This is a wonderful metal choice that is durable and is a little less traditional. I work with 14K rose gold.


Bronze is a very affordable metal that has warm, golden hues. It is stronger than coppper and doesn't oxidize nearly as quickly. This is a great option if you are on a budget or are looking for an adventure/travel wedding band.

Our Custom Jewelry Process

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Custom Mountain Rings

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Frontera's chief metalsmith, Chayse Romero, crafts each custom piece patiently and with love.

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