Mustang Talisman | Horse Bolo Tie

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This bolo tie design was inspired by the captivating energy of wild mustangs in the American West. They dare us to live untamed and remind us to run wild and free in this life. 

It's bold in size (measuring 1.75" wide by 1.5" tall) and features a wild mustang running through the Rocky Mountains mountains. It hangs on genuine leather cord with sterling silver tips.

We recommend adding the small arizona mined turquoise onto it and wearing it with distressed grey cord although it would look great on any of the bolo cords. Here are the colors we offer.

Personalization and adding your initials on the back is an option. Just add your initials in the notes at checkout if you would like your initials or last name complementary stamped into the backside. 

Contact us about ordering in bulk for a wedding party or wholesale for your shop.