Learn About My Process

Learn About My Process

Everything I create is inspired by Mother Earth. Her beauty, Her essence, Her patience guides me through every step. 

My process usually begins with an admiration of a gemstone's beauty, the nature of a flower, the shape of a sacred landscape, or the magic of a person's soul. From there I design the metal and stones to be cohesive with a story or purpose. I write hidden prayers or personalized messages into the design. Then if the piece is meant to be, I start creating. 

Everything I create is made with my two hands and my tools. I use a jewelers saw (my favorite tool) to saw out detailed scenery and shapes. I use a torch to solder and fuse metals together. I use hammers and mallets to shape, distort, and form the metal to my liking. I use electric calipers, bezel rollers, a handheld Dremel, metal stamps and so much more! Each step must be taken patiently and sometimes with a little bit of force and always a lot of focus

 I work with sterling silver, 14 carat gold, bronze, copper, brass, and maybe someday argentium. I fancy American mined turquoisevariscitemagnesitepicture jaspersagates, mexican mined fire opals and rhyolite. I try my darnest to source all of my materials and tools from ethically centered individuals and businessesHow Frontera Silver Jewelry is MadeSilversmith Chayse Romero, crafting jewelry

Desert Jewelry in the Making & Being Made in the Desert
 Many people ask how long it takes to make a piece of jewelry...and my answer is that it depends. Sometimes when a piece really wants to be birthed, it takes an hour and other times it takes a piece 2 years. It all depends on the magic of the metal, stones, and story working together for me. 
Creating wedding rings that represent a landscape, bolitas that empower women, or a custom order that brings a sweet remnant of nature into someone's everyday adventures is such a blessing and an honor. 
It is an honor to have you here. 
Thank you. 
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