Bloom from within | Variscite and Topaz Necklace

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◊ This necklace features a casted succulent...this means that what is now silver was once a succulent. The green gem is variscite from the Snowville mine in Utah. and the two gems on each side of the succulent is Colorado mined topaz. On the backside of the pendant is the quote "Bloom from within" 

◊ The necklace comes on a 17" oxidized rolo chain.  

◊ Crafted by a husband and wife, he the stone cutter and she the metalsmith. 

◊ Variscite is a mineral closely related to turquoise in mineralogical terms; a hydrous aluminum phosphate, with its distinct difference being that it doesn't contain copper. While copper gives turquoise its characteristically blue color, variscite receives its green colors from chromium and vanadium. Other metals such as iron and manganese can contribute to its other colors.