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This bolita (what we call a feminine bolo tie, made for the ladies) features a beautiful piece of angel wing variscite, mined in Nevada and cut by Frontera's lapidary artist (Clifford Field). It features a southwest stamped design around the gemstone. This bolo tie was handcrafted by metalsmith Chayse Romero in Durango. 

The bolo tie hangs on a black bolo choker cord but can be set on a normal bolo length cord if you prefer. Let us know your preference in the notes at checkout. See reference photos to help you make a decision.

Handcrafted in sterling silver | Ready to ship


Variscite is a sister stone to turquoise but is usually a unique green or yellow hue. Its one of the rarer and lesser known gems in the world. Metaphysically its a gentle gem that is said to calm your spirits and bring you a sense of peace.