RARE Purple Spondylus Mountain Ring | Size 6.75

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This ring features a rare purple spiny oyster gemstone which is set in gold and sits on a silver mountain band. The design is clean, chic to allow the gemstone to shine! 

Handcrafted | Size 6.75 | Ready to ship

About the gem: Spiny Oyster, also known as Spondylus, are marine animals found in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. The shell has been worn as an adornment for millennia  by Native Americans and has a playful energy. It ignites creativity, imagination and self expression. There are three general variations of the gemstone. Orange shells are harvested in shallow waters. Coral shells in slightly deeper waters. And purple is harvested in the deepest. Purple is no longer allowed to be collected due to climate change and loss of ecosystems, which makes this piece extra special. But don’t you worry, this gemstone was collected back in the 80’s.