For Lovers of Big Mountains

For Lovers of Big Mountains
These cuffs were made for a sweet yogi couple based out of Pennsylvania who have a deep love for the steep and rugged San Juan Mountains located in Southwest Colorado. Hers features a fabulous piece of dendric agate set in a sterling silver cuff that features Mount Wilson, Sunshine and Sneffels. His features an antiqued mountain scene (Mount Wilson and Sunshine) that is riveted into a dark brown leather cuff.
Custom Mountain Cuffs featuring the Rocky Mountains

"You took all of our love and turned it into wearable art. I get stopped every time I have it on! We are so happy. More beautiful than I had pictured." -From Her

A Mountain Cuff featuring Dendritic Quartz

Every time I wear mine, it is a little reminder of all the beauty and majesty around us. Love and Telluride all wrapped up in one! – From Him

Sterling Silver Mountain Cuff featuring dendritic quartz and the San Juan Mountains. Custom cuff
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